Union Boat Club Canoes

(From Forest & Stream, June 25, 1910)

Members of the Union Boat Club, of Boston, are to race sailing canoes this summer. Twenty-five formed a syndicate last fall and placed an order with J. R. Robertson, of Riverside, for five sailing canoes of one-design. Each boat is to be owned in partnership by five men, the idea being that whenever a race is announced there will always be one of the owners on hand to sail the canoe.

These canoeists were very much interested in the races last fall on the Charles River for the Mystic trophy which was won by the New York representatives, and they determined to go in for the sport.

The five canoes have been built from designs by F. A. Fenger, of Boston. They are 16 feet long, 32 inches beam and are built of Spanish cedar with mahogany centerboards. The Boston Globe says:

"Hitherto the centerboards in sailing canoes have been metal sheets, but these boats will have wooden boards of mahogany. The rudders are of aluminum and are controlled by tiller ropes.

"Instead of hatches for bailing out, for canoe sailing is rather wet, and the boats ship considerable water, these canoes will have small plug holes, one in the fore part and one in the after part. Thus, when there is too much water in the canoes, they can be tipped up and the water run out instead of bailing.

"Hermann D. Murphy, the well-known sailing canoe expert, to whom all the credit for starting the sport on Charles River basin should be given, will have his canoe Banshee rerigged so that it will be like the new boats. Thus he hopes to have a number of interesting races on the basin the coming summer."