Decked Sailing Canoes

Selected Historical Articles

Here you will find old articles published about decked sailing canoes. These canoes were very popular around the 1880-1910. Many of the canoes developed during this time period were described in the pages of Forest & Stream and similar publications.

It was canoes such as these, and the men who sailed them, that were the foundation upon which the American Canoe Association was founded. As the number of articles presented here grow, the reader will see the names of many famous canoe sailors and builders, including Paul Butler, H. Lansing Quick, J. Henry Rushton, W.P. Stephens, and more.

For a detailed text describing the construction of these canoes, along with many more designs, be sure to see W.P. Stephens Canoe and Boatbuilding for Amateurs, also found on this web site.